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Design Team: Archisaurus | Cody Jew, Winson Yuen, Ivan Au, and Dan Szymanski


Barn (E) is a mixed use installationwhich incorporates seating, a buskerspace, shading, bike parking and more.The angle of the slatted panels control the shelter offered by the structure by regulating the amount of sunlight and wind which is allowed to penetrate through. The slats also provide a second layer of visual interest through the generation of a moiré effect. At night, this pattern is emphasized through the use of lighting elements integrated into the structure of the installation.



In addressing sustainability, Barn (E) will primarily be constructed of reclaimed lumber. The structure will be framed with construction grade lumber and the cladding elements will be composed of reclaimed barn wood.  The barn wood has been kindly donated in exchange for our assistance to

deconstruct the donor’s barn. One of the main attractions of Barn (E) is a stationary bike powered generator. We envision the generator being used to power lighting and speakers within in the structure. We were able to contact a member of the Edmonton Bicycle Commuters Society (EBC), who has built multiple bike generators in the past, who has graciously offered to help us. The generator will be primarily be constructed of reclaimed bicycle parts and other donated components from EBC.



The majority of the structure is broken down into 5 modules to improve efficiency and ease when transporting the entire structure from the building site to its final destination. The base of the structure will be composed by 2x6 woods studs set at 12” on center to achieve the required 100 per square foot load. Once on site, the floor plate will be raisedusing various shim sizes to maintain a clear path for rainwater flow along the street and connecting flush with the adjacent street. The main walls will be constructed using 2x6 studs cut diagonally to generate two pieces. They will then be installed at angulating angles to achieve the desired slope of the slatted walls. The studs will be set at 18” on centre. Seating will be constructed out of 2x4 studs, complete with bracing to transfer loads down to the floor. Horizontal studs will be set at 18” o.c. The static slats composed of recycled barn wood will be added to the floor area, seating, planter, and the wall behind the designated busker area. These slats will be connected directly to studs behind using deck screws and fastened to the wall 18 o.c. The area of both the bike storage and bike generator is composed of 2x6 studs cut at a diagonal. These are attached to the floor framing. The dynamic slats are organized from closed to open position as they move up the wall. The slats are connected at one end directly to the stud wall. Lateral shims are used to achieve both the desired angle and provide additional lateral support between the wall and wood slats.



We will erect and dismantle the structure ourselves. Habitat for Humanity Edmonton has agreed to take the reclaimed wood and the lumber for resale in their ReStore, a reclaimed material retailer that donates all the proceeds are used to support Habitat for Humanity Edmonton projects. The parts for the bike generator will be either taken by us, or returned to the Edmonton Cycle Community.

Here is a little write up by Archisaurus: