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Q. For the written requirements, can this be submitted as a separate attachment as a pdf document (letter size) to describe the concept, the sustainability, innovation, construction process, and budget layout? Or does all this information need to be on the front of the board? If it is required that the written portion be included on the board, can this information be represented in a diagrammatic/infographic manner instead of completely written as text. We are just cognizant of the amount of space availabe on the board and would like to be as visual with the information that we are communicating as possible.

A. The written requirement needs to be on the front of the board. If you feel visual graphics will help support your written description, please feel free to use it as support material but not as the main method to describe your work. Please keep in mind that these submissions will be open to the public, so the more simpler the written explanation and support material are, the easier it is for them to grasp. Also the jurors will be looking for your explanations, so the clearer it is shown and the easier it is to find, the better.